Maud Goulas
Instagram/FaceBook: @maudgoulas

Born in France. Lives and works in London.
Available for commissions: private, editorial, commercial.

By Marie Bretagnolle, art historian:
"Maud’s art draws the attention on everyday life and reminds us to look up for a while and take in our surroundings. With great patience, or should we say with an artistic obstinacy, Maud becomes a goldsmith to sculpt shadows with her pencil lead.

The result is a variety of blacks and whites, giving credit to all possible textures, and making the viewer feel the coldness of a window pane, the grain of a wooden table or the smooth and shiny surface of pipes.The bare scenes depicted encourage the viewer to stop for a moment of contemplation that is not quite devoid of humour nor poetry.
A quality of silence emerges from these drawings. Immobility and the near absence of human beings freeze these fleeting scenes in a serene timelessness."


The Beauty in the Ordinary, étapes:, 16 June 2017
Beauty in the Ordinary, UFunk, 10 October 2017